Why Dip acrylics are girl’s best friend

There is a bff that can rival even your nail tech, and it’s called dip nails. 1995 called, and it’s coming for your acrylic. And you? You’re going for dip nails. Stat!

What is Dip?

Dip powder is acrylic powder and can support length and nail tips, unlike shellac or gels. Dip looks like acrylic and is as hard as acrylic, which makes the two nearly indistinguishable. The acrylic in dip is a powder that adheres to the nail with a bonding glue.

Why is Dip different from Acrylic even though they look the same?

Dip does not have the harsh fumes associated with acrylic, and some say it’s stronger. At Shimmer, we think it’s more flexible than acrylic, which makes it prone to breaking less. Some of us working 70 hours a week may have accidentally slammed our dips in a file drawer–and pulled them out unscathed. With acrylics, we’d be running back to the front of the salon for a fix. Filing down your natural nails with a file or drill makes us cringe, and there is no need with dip. Your nails can remain healthier and stronger by switching to dip. We think this powder is genius. It’s an advancement in nail care that keeps our natural nails healthier and lessens our exposure to uninviting fumes. Dip is available in 1 color, ombre, and with nail art. You can even get your favorite pink and white French in dip!

We include a UV top coat to keep your dip powder lasting. You’ll need a new set once your nails grow out, and by then you’ll want a new color–and if you’ve seen our nail tech’s work, you’re due for a new nail art design!

Where can I find Dip nails?


We are delighted to have dip powder as a powerful polish option alongside shellac and gel systems at Shimmer Spa in Strongsville, Ohio. Helping you feel confident and express your personality through strong and enduring designs is our passion!

Book online: http://shimmerspa.salonrunner.com

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