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As someone who now spends 7 days a week in a spa, you’d never believe that I had my first spa facial because of cosmetology school, right? Actually, about 1/3rd of our new guests have never had a spa facial before! Once you know what a skincare treatment entails, it’s easy to find the right one for you.

Why are skincare treatments important? Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is often exposed to environmental stressors, unless you cover your face for wind, snow, and sun (which we actually do advise after advanced treatments like microdermabrasion , peels, and dermaplaning) . We use therapeutic steam, fruit enzymes, electricity, and professional treatment masques to customize your treatment. When skin doesn’t exfoliate as rapidly, aging comes into play, and we’d prefer to do that gracefully, with some wisdom about the whole process.  Movement helps to rid toxins from your system (this is why we are fully stocked with specialty tea and water). When you exfoliate, new skin cells come to the surface. Even better, facial massage tones your muscles. How many muscles are in your face? 43, and you can tone them just as you’d do your other muscles at the gym!

The difference between mini and hour facials is in the relaxation

In mini facials, consisting of 30-45 minutes, we do not massage the scalp, arm, or hand. You also do not change into a spa wrap, because we focus on the face and not the neck. We use the same amount of skincare during mini and hour facials, but you do get more massage and toning in the hour facial.  If you prefer more stress relief or those areas are stiff, do an hour facial.

Why are mini facials amazing?

Mini facials are amazing on lunch breaks, for those short on time, or great additions in between your seasonal facial (four times a year). If you’re time-conscious, schedule 4 hour facials–one for each season– and then schedule a mini facial about every 6 weeks in between for maintenance. Mini facials are on our menu for a reason!

Why are hour facials amazing?

If you find yourself asking, “Please, please, let me take an hour out to relax! It’s all I need!” then you are at home at Shimmer Spa. We aim to help busy professionals with full-time jobs (and then some) find a little zen. Let us work hard so you can have an hour out and get back to kicking butt at your many roles in life! We believe in balance at work and home for our service providers and want to offer it to you too.

How often do people get facials?

4 weeks for relaxation, pigmentation, and acne scaring. 6 weeks is average, and 8 weeks for anti-aging or maintenance with no skincare obstacles to correct.

You’ll get the same, customized approach to repairing your skin in both a mini and an hour facial. We’d love to make a plan and help you achieve your goals!

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