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Sometimes, a girl just needs to feel like she’s got her life together, and she needs to sit down, relax for maybe an hour, and have gorgeous nails for a good two to four weeks! No matter how often you get manicures, keeping your polish chip-free is key. How can you get the most out of your mani, you ask? I asked our nail technicians at Shimmer Spa for tips!

1. Avoid soaking in hot water and picking

We know that hot water can dry out our skin in the shower, but also be careful of manually washing dishes and soaking your hands in solvents or warm water for extended periods of time. Though we love running our hands under different water temperatures when we’re wearing Kiara Sky color-changing gels, resist the warm water when you can. It can lift gel and other polishes.  If you pick at your nails, it can cause mechanical damage by taking the first layer of keratin off along with your polish. Always have your gel, dip, or acrylic professionally removed.

2. Use the tools your nails aren’t meant to be

Use tweezers, box cutters, and scissors to peel or cut–not your nails! Manmade tools are great for when a tough girl wants to have pretty nails. It takes a moment to learn to pause and grab a tool, and then it becomes natural.  You also surprise yourself with how inventive you can be, and it helps your brain think outside the box.


3. For long nails, use your knuckle and the sides of your finger

To keep the perfect nail art canvas unmarred, use your knuckle to dip into jars, and the side of your finger to open things. This will help you avoid getting anything on the underside of your nail, and keep your natural or added length strong.


Gorgeous nails and trimmed cuticles are only a call or click away, and it’s up to you to follow at home care! Our nail techs are always available to troubleshoot nail polish retention troubles, polish preparation techniques, and UV and fast-dry sealants. We love when our results extend past the relaxing spa treatment and into everyday life!

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Kiara Sky dip ombre with tips, in High Mintenance and After the Reign. 

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