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We are proud to introduce our membership—a monthly wellness plan with small business dedication. Your path to repair and rejuvenation is easier than ever in the hands of our career-oriented service providers.


When we started our membership, we wanted to create one that was easy to try and follow, while helping out the guests who need it most–those who come to us each and every month for a facial or massage to get ahead of concern for their skin or health and feel their best.

I first met our Licensed Massage Therapist, Angel, after my car was totaled in an accident. After three months of massage with Angel and therapy to alleviate my soft tissue damage, I knew I’d need a lifetime of treatments to stop the memory in my muscle from returning to its damaged state. We still work on it constantly to keep me out of pain, and while I know aging won’t make things easier, I know I can stay ahead of it as well as I can with massage therapy. – Melanie, owner of Shimmer Spa

It’s not unheard of to get a massage every two weeks when overcoming an injury, or a facial every four weeks for advanced anti-aging or other skincare concerns (such as acne and pigmentation), so we wanted to reward or frequent members with exclusive discounts and a product sample subscription box for coming in every month. Facials and massages are definitely about treating yourself but at Shimmer Spa, we see it as treating yourself well.

Benefits of regular massage therapy and skincare treatments include:

•Increase in flexibility
•Alleviation of muscle tension and stress
•Relief from post-workout fatigue
•Communication of skin cells for anti-aging
•Therapy for mind, body, and spirit

Membership| $60 monthly
Includes choice of 1 monthly 50-minute massage (by LMT or EST) or 1 monthly customized 1-hour facial.

Extra member benefits:
Enjoy monthly skincare sample care packages at monthly service redemption, quarterly spa offers, and an increase in special rewards for membership loyalty.

Upgrade service discount| 20% off
Upgrade to an 80-min massage, hot stone relaxation massage, or specialty facial, and save 20% on the difference between your monthly membership service and upgrade.

Additional member services| 20% off
Should your wellness plan include a combination of skincare and massage, or more than one visit in the month, enjoy additional massage and skincare services for 20% off. Shimmer Spa loyalty points can be redeemed to purchase additional member services.

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