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Balanced oftentimes means a good mix of oil versus dryness, or a reduction in visible fatigue to lend a look of energy, and Image’s Ormedic line understands that balance is skin harmony.

Abrupt weather changes cause changing skin, and what better way to balance seasonal changes than with an organic facial?

Our hour long organic facial opens with Ormedic cleanser, new Ormedic gel polisher, and steam with the pineapple enzyme masque.  Enjoy a shoulder into hand massage, facial massage with argan oil, and application of the soothing balancing gel masque. Finish your organic facial with the Ormedic line products.

Turn dry or oily skin into balanced skin with an organic facial at the change of the season!

We are happy to introduce this new facial featuring the balancing gel polisher, and offer it in a 60 minute and 90-minute service!

Call 440-783-1473 to reserve an experience to look forward to.

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