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Hair skin and nails are so much more than what is visible on the surface. Ph, layers of product in cuticle and cortex,  medications, and especially aftercare all play a role in what can happen before or after a beauty treatment. While this sounds like a lot of variables, Cosmetologists are always taking required continuing education courses, connecting with other professionals in the industry, and learning from their manufacturers.

Your body is a complex organic organism and microscopic organisms of all kinds are living on you at all times. While that may or may not be comforting (I lean towards not), the key is to avoid feeding those extra organisms when possible.

The Two Truths about Lash Mites

  1. The first truth of eyelash extensions is that once you image search a lash mite, you cannot unsee it.
  2. The second truth is that getting eyelash extensions will not cause lash mites to appear.   Not washing your face surely will though.

The trouble with eyelash mites aren’t the mites existing–the trouble is too many mites taking up residency on your lashes. They like excess oils, and if you are not washing your extensions and partaking in proper aftercare, They are leaving byproduct of those oils on your eyes.

To keep your eyelash extensions from forming into an agreeable home for lash mites, be sure to wash them with a lash approved cleanser twice a day! You’ll want to avoid oil-based cleansers that start to break down the cyanoacrylate, which is the active ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive and liquid bandaid.


When my eyelash extension guests come in for touch-ups, we always talk about and discuss aftercare, product build-up, and how the natural lashes underneath are holding up. With proper aftercare and resisting pulling and picking, one can wear lash extensions all year!

So should you be worried about lash mites? Not if you have proper aftercare. If you’re making a commitment to eyelash extensions, you have to make it all the way, and that includes proper aftercare and replenishing lashes that have shed naturally. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to this luxury beauty treatment that saves time in the morning.

Want to learn more about eyelash extensions? View our blog on how to spot an exceptional eyelash technician by clicking the link.

Treat your lashes well, and most importantly: treat yourself well!

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