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We are thankful for you, blessed by the opportunity to grow, and proud of ourselves for having an amazing year one! There is no better way to celebrate as a nature-based spa than to gush about your favorites in professional skincare. These products work as hard as we do to give you results–boosting the effectiveness of your spa treatments!
Did you know that professional skincare products last longer on average than over-the-counter products? That–and results–are the number one reason we’re here sharing our top 5!

#1 Lavanilla Moisturizer by Nardo’s Natural Skincare

This dreamy moisturizer contains jojoba oil, similar to your skin’s natural oils in composition–which means your skin will produce less natural oil which can lead to less breakouts! Do we love it most for its aromatherapy lavender and vanilla though? Yes. Retails for $20.00.
Nardo’s is a family-owned business from Florida, started by 4 brothers who mixed anti-aging organic skincare in their kitchen and then expanded to a small business. You may have heard of them from Shark Tank, where they got their start!

#2 Vital c Cleanser


Looking to cleanse, remove makeup, and hydrate even if you may forget night cream afterward? This creamy formula is enriched with anti-oxidant vitamin c and developed to counteract symptoms of Rosacea. If it’s safe and senstive enough for Rosacea, imagine what it can do for all skin types! Retails for $32

#3 Ageless Total Eye Lift


Low maintenance is always in, and this retinol eye cream is no exception to the saying that sometimes less is more. You can reap the benefits of the eye lift formula by using it 3 times a week! Part mask, part overnight treatment, and part sheer awesomeness, ageless total eye lift may also help dissolve those little white calcium deposits called milia in the eye area. Retails for $48.

#4 Ormedic Lip Treatment


Love the glossy treatment we apply to your lips after a facial, even though it cues you that it’s time to wake up? Designed for after lip injections, the ormedic lip treatment is just that– a treatment and not only a gloss! Image is ahead of the trends, but did you know they are also effective wordsmiths? Ormedic combines organic ingredients and medical grade solutions for an entire line of products that we’re lowkey obsessed with. This treatment is also available with a pink mica shimmer. Retails for $20.

#5 Ormedic Cleanser


Combination skin can be challenging, so when we find a cleanser as great as this, we stick with it! With organic ingredients, the ormedic cleanser combats acneic rosacea, and regular acne. Prone to break-outs? Do a double cleanse on nights you wore more makeup than usual. Retails for $32.

Our online store is official and authorized to sell Image Skincare! All you need to do is log in. That’s right–get your 5% back on spa products as loyalty rewards with the ability to have your favorites shipped to you! Pick up in store by choosing our local pickup option. To purchase Nardo’s Naturals skincare, please visit us at the spa 6 days a week.

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