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Keratin lashes not only fortify the natural lash over time–they permanently curl it to lift the eye and work in harmony with what nature gave you. What is permanent when it comes to eyelash hair growth? Because you naturally shed 2-4 eyelashes from each eye on the daily, you’ll see a prominent lift for up to eight weeks, and may elect to not wear mascara again until week 5 or 6! This lift is an ongoing treatment for all hair in all stages (hair is typically in three growth cycles at once) and is applied root to tip. Even the ends of your lashes benefit! And over the course of treatments? You’ll have to see the photos in the gallery!

Because the eyelash lift requires less time and less expense than eyelash extensions, the eyelash lift is the perm of the 2020s, and is quickly becoming more popular than synthetic extensions–plus, the keratin Infusion Lash Lift carries no risk of singeing or over processing, unlike the small risk with traditional lifts. Light heat is applied by use of a soothing eye mask, and keratin is mixed on the spot for a complex system of thickening treatment gels. The initial experience is like taking a nap for about 45 to 50 minutes.

The upkeep: Usually session 2 is a game changer because every lash in every stage has had time to benefit from the growth serum, peptides, and hydration gel. You may experience especially thicker lashes, up to 40% directly after the second service. This lovely service is a low-maintenance solution with a bonus nap or meditation time!

Shorter lashes

Medium Lashes

Long Lashes

Downward/thick growing eyelashes

The gallery shows what you can expect based on your starting point! Lashes may grow up to 40% thicker over time. Once all stages of hair have been conditioned with keratin, you will see how you can permanently and naturally achieve lifted lashes and eyes!

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