Community Newsletter

On trend. Up to date. All things beauty.

Shimmer’s monthly newsletter serves our community of guests and friends with updates on beauty, wellness, and local businesses. View trends and see how our professionals evoke seasonal art through their passion and wellness through their work. Our newsletter focuses on positivity, self-care, and our willingness to provide exceptional service in the cosmetology industry.

For Local Businesses

There are exponential benefits for a community when residents choose local! Supporting businesses in your community helps drive jobs and keeps money local. We run a monthly social media check-in contest for a local business gift card, and also feature businesses with local storefronts in our monthly community newsletter. Local businesses can be locally owned and operated or operated locally. Please tell us how we can help your cause, fundraiser, and local business thrive by emailing shimmerspastrongsville{at} with your news or promotions.

Our Community Partners

We quickly found that it does indeed take a village to raise a new idea to perfection! The following small businesses have worked tirelessly with the city of Strongsville to help us exceed expectations.

HZO Architect


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