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Appointments set by individual contractors

Professional application to wear day and night or apply at home and DIY!

The DIY lash extension

✫Wear and sleep in 3-10 days on average
✫The original underlash system, with fresh new products and patents monthly!
✫Better than Extensions with no clumps and no wonky-looking lashes
✫Remove at home in minutes

Learn with Professional Application

Part professional application, and part tutorial, learn longevity techniques for temporary eyelashes that wear overnight 3-14 days (up to 10 for most). Removal at home is easy!

The Initial application includes full-size bond and extra lashes for a touch-up. Do not arrive wearing mascara.

Mention this page to get your consultation for $89 instead of $105 through November 15th, 2023.

Or order and apply at home

I offer custom lash sets (6-7 per each eye) once your map is set with me at the spa! You can text me before you order to change to special effects or try a new style. Styles are listed in the product description of the Vagaro store.

Get $20 off your Control Kit at!

Lashify Video Instruction

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