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Retinol is a powerhouse of exfoliation–as long as you don’t over-do it. The majority of Image Skincare products are time-released, which means they deliver a steady dose of retinol when you need it. Here are the details on our favorite retinol products.

Pricing may change after original date of post.

Ageless total retinol-A creme ($82) and Image MD restoring retinol creme ($94) : These gems are night creams with retinol in them! While both contain retinol and glycolic acid to exfoliate, the total retinol-A creme also contains lactic acid for extra brightening of sun spots and pigmentation. They also both contain the same peptide technology for anti-aging. My winner is Ageless total Retinol-A creme.

Ageless total overnight retinol masque ($82): This is for my low-maintenance skincare lovers! Apply once a week overnight. Yes, it dries on the skin for a barely visible layer. I enjoy this most as a neck treatment! This mask is an award winner at Dermascope 2023!

Ageless Total Eye Lift ($58): This eye cream for everything (lines, puffiness, dark circles) is like a mask! If you forget to use it every night, you can still get the benefits with use 2-3 times a week! It has been a guest favorite of ours since 2019!

Ageless total repair creme ($82): much like our other retinol creams, ageless is more moisturizing with shea butter! It does not contain the anti-aging peptides like my favorite in this category, Ageless total Retinol-A creme, though this cream could be a good winter addition. Pro tip: apply by dipping your knuckle into the jar.

Image MD restoring retinol booster ($90): This is one of the powerhouses I talk about! This serum is aimed to help combat environmental stressors on the skin, and hydrates with Omega-3 and Omega-6. It also contains vitamin C, saving you a step.

Image MD restoring overnight retinol masque ($102): Without a doubt, pick the Ageless total overnight retinol masque ($82) instead. It is the same mask in different packaging! This is the only MD skincare item I have found that is a dressier version of the original.

Image MD restoring youth repair creme ($88): This is the vitamin C version of our Ageless total retinol-A creme ($82) and Image MD restoring retinol creme ($94) without the anti-aging peptides. I would recomend this over the other for mature skin, as vitamin C (working with mature skin) is a better ingredient than anti-aging peptides (prevention).

Ever use prescription retinol daily, hoping to get great results, but you end up red and dry? That’s because it strips that water layer too much. You can exfoliate with powerhouses like retinol, as long as you listen to your skin and replenish the water barrier and ceramides! My favorites to pair with retinol are the Biome + line (Dew Bright Serum or soothing Cloud Cream), which is loaded with Ceramides, and anything with Vitamin C (The Hydrating Anti-aging Serum) . Vitamin A + C= healthy skin!

Text me for product specials, like exclusive discounts and free gifts each month at 216-395-7291, or join my facebook group by clicking here for details. I am highlighting retinol for November 2023, so please text me for an active special if you are reading this in November 2023!

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