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I am now a Lashify Certified Pro! I have spent the month applying Lashify eyelashes on guests for special events! At first glance, they looked like overnight clusters, flares, or party lashes, but at second glance, I realized Lashify is a whole new technology. They are the original under lash, and the technology works with a mascara-like coat of adhesive, and clamping down with a specialized wand–a mix between an eyelash curler and tweezer. I wanted eyelashes that I could sleep in–but easily remove when it was time. I thought about eyelash extensions, but didn’t know if I had the time for upkeep, or the patience when I lost a lash in just the right place to make my look appear grown out and wonky.

I made my own kit when I wanted to try it–believing in my years of eyelash enhancements and practice.

At first glance, the price of the application wand was a lot, however, in learning more about the tool, I realized its protect patents and different versions made it the invaluable tool it is today. The adhesive and bonder in the kit is reusable, as are some of the gossmaser lashes.

The segments are so light and comfortable! Lashify’s difference is that they don’t knot the root of the lash. They are always coming out with new technology, and the owner of the company is active and involved with all of us.

I replace my lashes weekly, and I’m a big fan of laundering and reusing them for multiple sets.

I have two links below! One is a look at the at-home application process, and 1 is a link to check out the Control Kit. If you want to learn more from your local esty besty (that’s me!) I offer an application service at the spa that includes a take home kit featuring spare lashes to touch up, and a full-size adhesive at the time of posting. Enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions!

Try the Control Kit and get $20 off!

Treat yourself well!


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