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When I found out the 3-step acne system that didn’t work for me was still around, there was no way I wasn’t looking into it after a decade of being in the skincare industry! The promise of clear skin is too often a fleeting one, and I know it can be frustrating to not see the results you want, especially when you know that your skin is clean!

Why does the cleanser, toner, and medicated moisturizer work for some people?

This is potentially because teenagers go from not washing their face to washing their face. One simple change while hormones are leveling out can make the difference.

Why doesn’t the 3-step system work for some people?

The heavy peroxide base can lead to dryness and over-medicating

  • Dry skin produces more natural oil and makes your skin compensate by producing excess oil, contributing to puzzling combination skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide should only be used to treat cystic acne and not mild acne.
  • Using benzoyl peroxide in 3 layers can severely dry the skin.
  • A witch hazel based toner is a great alternative to peroxide-based toners.

The preservatives tell you the product is aimed at mass production

  • Parabens are synthetic preservatives that aim to lower cost.
  • You pay for what you get from store, vending machine, or phone ordering.

If you’ve tried just about everything, don’t give up! Understanding combination skin and inflammation can lead to clearer skin. View our at home acne tips a this link. Book a complimentary skincare consultation with our esthetician team at

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