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Absolutely not, but the results can be scary good! Chemical peels help remove built-up skin cells (pigment, scars, uneven texture), but they also leave behind stem cells (such as the butterfly flower) to help strengthen new skin cells. skin exfoliates slower as we age, and collagen and elastin (more, please!) production slow down. Peels help improve both obstacles. Our peels range from passionfruit enzyme to retinol and glycolic. We always work our way up to avoid sensitivity and peeling. Our peels are immersed in an aloe delivery system, so while peeling is minimal, the most common form is temporary light flaking from the nose outward. Would you believe that I do not peel at all anymore after getting a resurfacing peel? Working up to the stronger peels and reinforcing the strength of new cells does work. 

Get to know our peels!

Ormedic Lift: Our organic peel uses passionfruit to exfoliate and comfrey stem cells to enhance and help build new skin. This peel is a great lifter for hormonal acne. Anyone can receive an Ormedic Peel.

Signature Lift: Made for rosacea, the signature peel is the perfect balance of peel and strength. Tigergrass takes the lead to strengthen capillaries. There is a peel that actually helps Rosacea, and this is it! Anyone can receive a Signature peel.

Wrinkle lift: The wrinkle lift is our strongest peel, and it uses retinol, a strong version of vitamin A, and glycolic acid, to peel the skin by temporarily adjusting the Ph. The stem cell is the butterfly plant, which helps antioxidant properties. The Signature or Ormedic Peels are used to transition into this advanced peel!

Lightening Lift forte: With Lactic acid and tyrosinase inhibitors, the lightening Lift and Lightening Lift Forte will signal skin to stop producing excess pigment that has resulted in sun damage. Centella Stem Cells help sooth redness with detoxifying antioxidants. The Signature or Ormedic Peels are used to transition into this advanced peel!

The most important way to prepare for great peel results is using a cleanser with chemical AHA or BHA exfoliators. Our guest favorite is the Vital C hydrating Cleanser (It exfoliates using vitamin A). The cleaning ingredient list of drugstore cleansers that start by listing water and glycerin (resembling body soap) simply don’t transfer to the delicate skin of the face. If you are consistently washing your dead skin cells instead of exfoliating them, your skin is more likely to flake when you first try a resurfacing peel because it has so much build up. It is suggested to receive a chemical peel at least quarterly, when the seasons change.

Book with me online for a resurfacing peel at, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

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