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Want to catch a cold less frequently? Well, massage therapy may be able to assist you!

Our bodies carry us around all day, and we only get one, so when treating ourselves becomes a wellness plan, our bodies, minds, and spirits can all benefit. Taking care of yourself is a logical, positive idea, and now we know it can also help keep us well through cold and flu season. This extra reason helps us solidify that getting a massage monthly is okay!

It’s about creating extra cells to fight off illness. At the end of a 12-week study  published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, adolescents with compromised immune systems saw a difference in immune function and an increase in disease-fighting cells (natural killer cells) after receiving 2 massages weekly.

Lighter massage pressure is still beneficial. The best news? You don’t necessarily have to experience a deep tissue massage to reap the benefits. According to a study by Cedars-Sinai medical center, adults with a normal functioning immune system experienced improved immune function with swedish massage.  A relaxing massage can certainly do the body good!

Health, wellness, and a relaxing experience combine to make massage therapy a mind, body, and spirit therapy. Massage may be the holistic approach to additional therapies for the body and mind, and if it helps us get sick less often, that’s an added benefit we’re willing to explore!

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