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Peeling can help make facial capillaries stronger? Yep!

We know that even though you may or may not peel across your whole face with the advanced technology of today’s peels (as opposed to the 90s), a peel is still a strong facial treatment that can benefit you every two months.

Peels work by allowing different layers of skin cells (Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, and Langerhans) to communicate. When the basal layer of the skin communicates with the epidermis, new skin cells will be healthier and stronger. Plant stem cells are especially important to enrich the newest skin cells as the oldest ones shed.

The plant stem cell in the Signature Facelift is Centella, or Tiger Grass.  Centella may have gotten its name long ago, coined when tigers would roll in the plant to heal their wounds after battle.  If you ask us, this is a fierce stem cell for sure! According to a Polish study, The stem cell can help heal burns and scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties can heal damaged capillaries, leading to a reduction in visible symptoms of Rosacea. Image skincare suspends the Signature Lift in aloe vera, making it one of the most soothing peels. Not only will you exfoliate dull, dead skin from your face, you’ll also soothe and replenish it.

Even better news? This peel is mild enough for pregnant women to receive and suitable for all skin types. The Signature Lift can even prepare your skin for stronger peels like The Wrinkle Lift and the Acne Lift.

Call and ask for a peel-certified specialist and the Signature Facelift Peel at Shimmer Spa: 440-783-1473.



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