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3 reasons why the H2Glow Facial is the leading technology in skincare–with virtually no down time

We’re not huge fans of downtime procedures–ones that leave our skin red, peeling, or take a day or two to heal. On most skin types, gradually affecting the basal layer …


Structured Gel nails are trending. Here’s why.

Some of us find great longevity with gel polish like the classic Shellac, but for others, gel just doesn’t seem to stay as well over time–or if our nails have …

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Encourage cell turnover with the pumpkin enzyme

Pumpkin is great for the senses, but did you know that it’s also great for the skin? Vitamins a & C let your skin glow, while pumpkin enzyme promotes cell …


Valentines Nail Color Trends 2021

Life is a special occasion, and it feels like a celebration every time we get new nail colors in! Smoke and metallic are taking spring trends to fantastical, grounded depths, …


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