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“What do I wear to a massage or facial, and what can I expect?”

Preparing: Shower, brush your teeth, and let us know if you don’t want aromatherapy in your hair. You don’t even need clean hair if you’re coming in for a facial or massage! Turn your phone on silent, and try to leave any necklaces at home so we can work on the neck muscles. We can also work around jewelry for those pieces that stay on.

For facials: You replace top garments with a spa wrap (or tuck bra or tank top straps into the top of the spa wrap) that velcros at the decollate line under your arms. You will be covered by sheets the whole time too, as we complete a shoulder into hand massage, and scalp massage.

For massage: For relaxation massage, you will usually start face up (depending on provider), covered in comfy layers. Only the area being worked on will be undraped, and underwear will be worn the whole time. Because we do need to access the back muscles, your spa linens replace any clothing worn on the chest and you remain covered by them. During the second half of the massage, we hold the linens up so you can privately turn onto your front and get comfy in the face cradle, a table attachment that allows you to breathe while face down. Gluteal muscles will be accessed over top of the spa comforter, and if there is any area you do not want touched (like feet!) just let us know.

Even light pressure boosts the immune system and has health benefits! Mind and Body both benefit from a spa treatment, and we want you to be as comfy as possible!

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