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Keeping the integrity of your natural lashes

Addictive, easy, effortless in the A.M. These are all words to describe your eyelash extension service–as long as you have a careful esthetician doing the job. During this luxury treatment. an individual eyelash fiber is attached by use of glue to each individual natural lash you have. These are not temporary weekend lash enhancements like “clusters” or “party lashes”, and in most cases last until your natural lash grows out. The results of your service depend on the strength of your natural lashes. If technicians are not careful with your natural lashes, soon they won’t have anything to lash.  A great technician will not ruin the integrity of your natural lashes, but it’s up to you not to pull and touch them. Here are 3 things to check off your list when looking for an exceptional eyelash extension technician.

Look for:

  1. A technician who consults based on your eye shape. Geometry is very real here. I’ve seen eyelash mapping that can make eyes appear more youthful, and also mapping that can sink eyes backward, or make guests look shocked all the time. Your technician needs to make a bespoke service based on you and your expectations while educating you on which shape is the best for your eyes.
  2. The initial application takes at 1:30-2:30 hours. Eyelash extension technicians in training can take up to 3 or 4 hours to build muscle memory, and it’s a good sign that newer lash technicians are taking their time! If your technician takes less than an hour for a full set, then they are not be prepping, mapping, and applying correctly. Inexpensive eyelash extensions (usually below $100 for seasoned technicians) are also a sign that not enough time is being taken.
  3. Review their portfolio. Look for things like clumps or dots of glue in photos. Clumps of lashes are a huge sign that your natural lash health is at risk. Clumped lashes will pull and break as they grow. Get a feel for the type of fibers the technician uses before going in. See if it’s the work you want. Your professional should be certified and have a license in esthetics or cosmetology if you live in Ohio.

We love lash extensions, because if applied correctly, they feel weightless, and who doesn’t get a kick out of brushing their lashes daily? We sure do.


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