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Would you believe that sunspots are the new wrinkle? With advancements and accessibility to facial treatments and plant stem cell technology, we’re aging more gracefully than ever before! There’s just one thing: we can’t seem to get rid of these pesky sunspots. Why do they keep coming back?

Once your skin is injured, it will keep producing concentrations of pigment to protect itself, which means sunspots will keep returning unless action is taken.  Anyone with any skin tone or variation on the Fitzpatrick scale can acquire sun damage that creates an uneven complexion. To help lessen the appearance of sunspots, your skin needs to replenish with new skin cells while inhibiting extra melanin.  At Shimmer Spa, we will recommend take-home products for daily use as well as treatments to exfoliate and create new skin cells based on your unique lifestyle! See Melanie’s video below to get the details in less than 5 minutes.

Our skincare specialists at Shimmer Spa are all certified in peels and pigmentation, and we always offer complimentary consultations for any treatment you are considering! Book online for a facial or free consultation here: or call us to get in touch with a skincare specialist today!

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