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We’re excited to introduce new colors here at Shimmer Spa! Fresh neutrals, deep warm tones, and a pop of Shimmer have joined our collection of nail polishes!


What’s our favorite this week? That would be totally whipped!


Here are Shimmer’s fresh-picked September colors from Fashion Week in dip powder:


Top row: Romantic Coral, Rustic Yet refined. Bottom row: Echo, Glamour 101

Dips are by far our favorite polish type to work with! Never heard of them before? We’ll explain it all here:

At Shimmer Spa, we pull out the extras–like a steam autoclave for cleaning, biodegradable footbath cleaner, and a loyalty program– but we don’t see any of these necessary things as extras!


Did you know that only California, Texas, and Iowa require that all nail instruments are sterilized by use of hot steam? We adopted these standards (and a medical autoclave) at Shimmer after the owner’s personal experience turned into a mission to prevent guests from experiencing complications from improperly cleaned instruments.  Shimmer technicians also use a hospital-grade disinfectant in footbaths that is biodegradable and dissolves by the time it gets to Lake Erie. We can’t be a wellness spa any other way!

Our loyalty program stacks up points to redeem for products and spa services, and one of the easiest ways to get points is to refer a friend! All of our products have been curated for chemicals that are known skin irritants or found in cancerous tumors, so you can take the guess-work out of finding the right regimen for you.

Shimmer Spa is at the front of advancements in medical technology, and our philosophy has wellness at the forefront of every service–even if they are fun, fashionable, and trendsetting!

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We hope that you get to enjoy every moment in the beauty of the changing seasons this year!

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