General Voicemail, please allow up to 72 hrs. for response. A team member is currently out on medical leave.


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Please call ahead for Gift Certificates. Monday-Saturday Hours may vary.

Appointments set by individual contractors

As mandated June 2nd, 2021, we are providing services to all guests, with or without face coverings. We are not discussing health history with our guests unless in the privacy of the treatment room with questions pertaining to treatment.

You may request for your service provider to wear a face covering.

Shimmer Spa thanks our guests and staff for rescheduling or testing should they develop symptoms that are common to coronavirus. No one likes to reschedule their self-care, however, as of 5/5/2021 we have not had to trace a single guest or staff member with symptoms and have not knowingly spread coronavirus from our reopening on 5-15/2020- 5\5\2021. That being said, we have been under the assumption that anyone coming through our doors could be a carrier and have not let our guard down. You get one body and one life, and we believe you are essential to making the world a better place and your self-care is where it begins. As licensed professionals constantly working on the part of your body that regrow and replenish daily (look at what a miracle you are!) we think that what we do is important, and we can’t be an American wellness spa without setting the standards for safety and sanitation. Using medical technology used in other parts of the USA and going above and beyond Ohio’s regulations started at our beginning. If you’re feeling sick, let us know within 2 hours of your appointment time. If our staff is, we will try to let you know as soon as possible.

For those of you who would like to know more about our safety plan, please read below. We also encourage questions by phone or in person.


Wear a mask if you are medically able. Our facility continues to supply soap and hand sanitizers (three different kinds because skincare is our thing!) and our staff will distance you appropriately with spacious lobbies. We are required to take reservations when possible, so call ahead or book online. If you feel comfortable enough to come out, we’re here for you. If you’re not ready or not absolutely comfortable just yet, sign up for our emails by making an account at: for updates–and when you’re ready, you’re in for a top-tier spa experience!

In depth:

* The vast Cuyahoga County is now requiring face coverings in all public places. Just wear your mask through our public places and let our staff worry about the rest!

* Our waiting areas are back– with ample distance of course!

*We can only accommodate guests with appointments.

*We suggest that masks be worn face up for massage. Masks may not be able to be worn by guests during massage and facial massage.

* Please arrive and come in at your appointment time. You’ll see a few new changes for ample room!

*Contactless appointment prepay is available and easy with your card on file.

 Above and beyond

  You may notice that a few things at Shimmer Spa have gone above and beyond Ohio’s regulations since our first day open.

*We have been using a steam sterilizer autoclave for nail implements since we opened in 2019. This is not required in Ohio salons, and therefore, is not widely used.

*Vents built into our nail stations exhaust stale air from the tables. This is only found in nail salons that opened after 10/2018.

*We use Medidefense on the hands when guests cannot wear gloves after cleansing with hand sanitizer. This hospital-grade spray technology creates a barrier by binding to the skin and trapping microbes for hours. It is made especially for the surface of the skin.

*Our hospital-grade cleaner is accelerated hydrogen peroxide. You will not smell harsh fumes. It disinfects surfaces in one minute and is more suitable for the chemically sensitive, and the environment. By choosing Shimmer Spa, you are putting our Earth first! 

We have the same standards of sanitation as when we first opened, just with more time and space in between guests. We wish you health and happiness and are elated to be back to help you look and feel your best!

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