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Life is a special occasion, and it feels like a celebration every time we get new nail colors in! Smoke and metallic are taking spring trends to fantastical, grounded depths, with gray, the color of the year (one of two colors for 2021) in the lead.

Grounded in Gray

Mystic Slate, Denim Patch, Alpine Plum

Mystic Slate is a true gray with beautiful potential. With all of the buzz about gray in decorating trends over the last decade, we’re surprised it hasn’t been the color of the year since the inception of Pantone’s color of the year in 2000. Ultimate Gray is one of two colors of the year for 2021.

Denim Patch rounds out our selection of bright and rich blues. Did you know blue can sometimes be neutral? While that is true with navy, Denim Patch can compliment warm skin tones and match cool skin tones with it’s gray undertones.

Alpine Plum is a metallic, frosty purple, and it looks stunning paired with a mermaid color overlay

Pastels: Metallic Edition

Winter Glow and Tundra

Winter Glow the the neutral pink of our dreams! It’s versatile and can be used in many color palettes.

Tundra is a metallic pink with strands of purple throughout. Metallics are multi-faceted colors that may pick up different hues depending on lighting.

The beauty of Divine Diamond is in the eye of the beholder! Gold with a little silver, this is the metal you didn’t know you needed.

Wine-inspired mid-reds

We rounded out our color haul with mid reds and pink!

Bordeaux Babe is a true, neutral red with depth! .How Merlot boosts a hint of blue and is a welcome edition to our catalog.

Guest Nailfies from last week

Our favorite inspiration this season has been cheetah print nails combining our new colors! Check out Sammie and Samantha’s work below!

For a fun variation on metallics, pair them with our mermaid color shift colors:

Mermaid 21 creates and accent nail on the middle finger, and unicorn texture makes a whimsical ring finger!

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