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We’re not huge fans of downtime procedures–ones that leave our skin red, peeling, or take a day or two to heal. On most skin types, gradually affecting the basal layer with stem cells and exfoliating pigmentation, acne, and dry skin is safer than aggressive treatments. Every skincare treatment can have potential side effects and outcomes can be altered depending on what you use at home or the specifics of your skin, but what can we do to minimize those? The answer is in technological advancements.

The jaw lines have smoothed at rest after just one treament! Skin appears plumper and dewier!
  1. Peel with Aloe. A chemical peel is a deep exfoliator that also drives stem cells into the skin to repair and renew the oldest and newest layers of your skin. The aloe delivery system of our Image Skincare peels prevents major peeling, turning it into occasional, even rare flaking that starts from the nose outward. While not everyone flakes when they get a chemical peel, aloe will cut down on flaking big time. This isn’t 1990 when we wanted our skin to peel in a sheet. Don’t even get us started on time-released retinol. Next blog, perhaps?
  2. Hydrodermabrasion is gentler than microdermabrasion. Why? It uses water instead of crystals to abrade the skin. Microdermabrasion leads skin cells away from the surface and into the machine, and hydrodermabrasion does the same–plus, it infuses serums into the skin in a two-way process. With microdermabrasion there is a small risk of bruising, as there is with any skincare treatment. There is even less risk when using water to abrade the skin, as tissue is stretched and serums reach deeper into the layers of your skin. We do not dilute our H2Glow specialty serums. Though bruising is superficial and does not often hurt, we like to avoid adverse side effects when possible.
  3. Radio-frequency is a gentle wave with little cause for contraindication concerns. As a quiet wave, undetectable to the ear, It causes heat in the skin, which helps your skin create it’s own collagen and elastin! An alternative to injections? We think so!
Tap water vs. the skin and oil impurities after a H2Glow facial

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I get dermaplaning and H2Glow done in the same session?

A: Yes! We often combine H2Glow with Dermaplaning, and both can be received in one treatment. H2Glow + Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning and antioxidant infusion! H2Glow cleanse and prep, dermaplaning of the face and neck, hydrating enzyme or peel, and H2Glow Hyaluronic Acid infusion. An upgrade to Epithelial Growth Serum is available. Dermaplaning and antioxidant infusion! H2Glow cleanse and prep, dermaplaning of the face and neck, hydrating enzyme or peel, H2Glow Hyaluronic Acid infusion, and radio frequency treatment. Epithelial Growth Serum is applied in this upgrade.

Instant pigmentation evening with H2Glow

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